Reporting Scores

How do we report scores?

Send a properly formatted email to Steve at

What is a properly formatted email?

The email must include the age group, game date, and full team names as well as the score.

Subject. Use the subject line of your email to identify the age group and the email as a reported score. For example: "10u Score". This allows us to filter out scores by age group and emails that may pertain to other business.

Message. In the message body of the email, you only need 3 lines:

  • Date game was played
  • Full team name and score
  • Full team name and score

It doesn't matter which team is listed first but please use separate lines for each team. Also, be sure to identify the team clearly. Many communities have multiple teams in the same age group. For example Northville could be the Broncos, Mustangs, or Stampede. Michigan Blue Jays could be Black, Royal, Silver, or White.

Also, "last Wednesday" is not a game date. Please provide the date in the form of month/day.

Here's a sample of a well formatted score email:
Subject: 13U Score
Northville Mustangs: 12
Michigan Blue Jays Black: 2

Who reports the score?

The winning team is responsible for reporting scores. In the case of a tie, the home team should report it. Scores should be reported within 48 hours of completion of game. If a team fails to report a score after a formal request for a score has been made, KVBSA reserves the right to give both teams a loss.

Ejections and other issues: Both teams are responsible for reporting ejections and lack of umpires. If other concerns need to be raised, report within 24 hours of completion of the game.

What about postponed games?

The home team is responsible for reporting when a game is postponed. Please report postponements within a couple days. Use the same basic email format with date and team names - just include a line that it was postponed as well as the reason for the postponement. If you've rescheduled, include the new date, time and location. If you haven't rescheduled yet, still report the game as postponed and send the reschedule information when you have it.

How long does it take for the score to appear on the website and standings to be updated?

The time varies from minutes up to 2 or 3 days. Entering scores is a manual process. The goal is to get scores entered every weekday morning by 8:00 AM. However, there can be delays.

What if a score is posted wrong?

Keep an eye on the posted scores and standings. Each team is responsible for reviewing the standings and scores posted to the website. If you believe there is a mistake, please submit an email with the date and teams for the game in question. Explain what mistake you believe has occurred and the results will be investigated.

NOTE: Sometimes teams report different scores usually a run or two difference. The first reported score will be recorded. One or two run differences will not be investigated unless the reported winner is different.