Insurance coverage for each team is purchased by KVBSA through USSSA. This coverage is mandatory and included in your registration fee. Coverage runs from Aug 16, 2023 to Aug 15, 2024. This insurance is secondary to any insurance an injured person may have and has a $500 deductible. Details on the coverage are listed below. Also, USSSA provides answers to frequently asked questions.

Each team is required to fill out an Insurance Enrollment Form. Submit forms by the 15th of the month to start coverage on the first day of the following month.

Insurance certificates are delivered via email. The email contains a link to an online document that you can print. These emails can easily get lost or deleted as spam. If you need your insurance certificate, send an email to and include the manager's name, team name/age, and USSSA registration number. USSSA will reply with an email containing a link to your certificate.


By default, your coverage extends to all facilities and tournaments in which you participate. However, some organizations request that they be explicitly identified in the insurance coverage. For example, Cooperstown, Ripken, and Wolves tournaments require indemnification. Many school districts request indemnification as well. If you know about these requirements prior to applying for insurance, provide the information on your insurance enrollment form. Otherwise, you can use the above process to add indemnifications to your policy. Submit the information for the additional indemnification to the email above and your policy will be updated.


Type of InsuranceLimits
General Liability
Commercial General Liability
Occurrence Basis
Each Occurrence
Damage to Rental Properties (Ea. Occ.)
Med Exp (any one person)
General Aggregate
Personal and Adv Injury
Products - Comp/OP Agg
Participant Legal Liability
Participant AccidentAD&D
Primary Medical
Excess Medical ($250 deductible)
Weekly Indemnity

Filing a Claim

All insurance matters are to be handled through USSSA's insurance provider. To request a claim form, send an email to and include the manager's name, team name/age, and USSSA registration number. The insurance provider will reply with an email containing a claim form and further instructions.